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Avacor® / Avalan

Dyes for the automotive industry and upholstery leather

Applications / Fields of use

AVACOR® dyes: These dyestuffs are individually prepared for special customer requirements (e.g. tailormade dye mixtures, dyestuffs with special properties and fastnesses).
This also includes dyes suitable for the production of automotive leather (good climate test etc. / for passenger car wet-white: -Cr-free or metal-free dyes with corresponding fastness properties).

AVALAN-dyes: good dyeing properties with good fastness properties and therefore suitable for almost all types of leather.

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Supply Program Selected dyes for leather and fur



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Our service Our laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and experienced staff who develop and modify dyeing formulas, test and evaluate dyeing properties, modify products for individual customer requirements. Our dye lines are innovated to follow the demand for higher fastness properties.

Special Development

You are looking for a special product for an application or a special shade.

Fastness analysis

In our service laboratory we are equipped with the latest equipment to meet customer.

Laboratory work

Samples are permanently tested in the laboratory according to the dyestuff specifications.

Farbchemie Braun Group

Do you have any questions about textile dyes, please contact:

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